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The Ministry of Health is planning another app to support health authorities in tracking quarantine cases. It is to be built by a Munich start-up, together with a US software company.

Germany’s healthcare system is currently producing app confusion. SAP and Telekom are working on the app with which the greatest hopes are currently being linked – the tracing app for tracking corona risk contacts. A finished app is expected to be available after mid-June. The so-called data donation app is already available, with which citizens can provide the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) with data from their fitness trackers. The RKI wants to use this to gain insights into the course of corona symptoms.


And then there was a third app that Minister of Health Jens Spahn mentioned in a subordinate clause three weeks ago. Health authorities should get digital support to control quarantine cases, Spahn said at the time. Further details: none. The Federal Government’s response to a request from FDP MP Manuel Höferlin is now shedding some light on the dark.

Accordingly, this app is currently being developed by the Munich-based medical IT start-up Climedo Health and the US software company SAS. According to the description on its website, Climedo Health already offers a kind of digital assistant for doctors who accompanies the therapy. Similar support is now also planned for health authorities. They can use the help well. A survey by WDR and NDR found that many offices feel overworked. The survey also shows that bureaucratic control of citizens who have to be quarantined due to corona contact is very different. Some offices call the people concerned every day, other authorities state that the called parties see this as a disruption. And then there are offices that ask citizens to email themselves as soon as they develop symptoms.

The app could relieve authorities and citizens

An app could help standardize this process. The application is intended to function as a kind of symptom diary, in which users enter data about their state of health on a daily basis. The app should be able to detect a deterioration in the health of users. This would make it possible for office staff to contact only the relevant cases personally. This could also be a relief for citizens in quarantine.


FDP digital expert Höferlin especially wants better communication after the planning chaos about the Corona apps of the Ministry of Health. The confusion cost some trust among the population. It is therefore important that the use of the quarantine app will also be voluntary. In addition, it must be ensured that European data protection standards apply to the app and that citizens’ data is only stored in Germany.

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