Culture of Info. All the energy of live music with the MEUTE techno fanfare


The happy band of the MEUTE techno fanfare.
The happy band of the MEUTE techno fanfare. (Steffi Rettinger)

It is a techno fanfare, the most famous of all, internationally acclaimed: the Germans of MEUTE. They recently released a new album and take advantage of every moment, even confined, to create with their instruments. A long, long time ago, an eternity of two years, playing music outdoors, in a crowded park, in front of a crowded audience, was still possibleā€¦ It was even MEUTE’s specialty, the “crowd” in German, that day in a Berlin park.


This is the exact definition of the power of this techno fanfare formed five years ago in Germany, discovered shortly after at the Trans Musicales in Rennes: bringing together, moving, surprising, giving a smileā€¦ A dozen musicians on the trumpet, on the sax , the bass drum with great techno standards, like those of Laurent Garnier, two albums to their credit, the last one, Pulse, released in recent weeks, mixing covers and original compositions.

“Often when I was in rave, or in a club, while I was dancing I said to myself ‘this music is really too good, but nothing happens on stage!’ What would happen if this music was played with all the energy of the live by ten or eleven people with their big instruments? Me, in any case, I told myself that it would drive me crazy!“decrypts Thomas Burhorn, the founder of MEUTE. The concert at the Trianon in Paris, last year, was downright burned to disc, and the recording can be found online. Sign of destiny, the Germans were to return to concert in Paris in March, the Olympia was sold out, they had to cancel to reschedule again without certainty on September 9. In any case, it would be a shame to miss them.



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