that day when the blockade of Berlin ended


May 12, 1949, 71 years ago today, marked the end of the blockade in Berlin (Germany). For a whole year, the inhabitants had only been supplied by air. For many historians, this is the date that also marks the start of the Cold War. From June 1948 to May 1949, dozens of American and British planes formed an incredible airlift to break the blockade of Berlin imposed by the Soviets.

A refueling by air because they had decided to cut all the roads to suffocate West Berlin. Westerners will make German capital a symbol. In the pictures, we see the pilots throwing raisins. Eberhard Kirsch, now retired, was present. “It was a pile of rubble on which we went with my friends. All that gave us courage and, thanks to that, we overcame the blockade”, he explains.


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