Detox. No, Agnes Buzyn did not treat some people with chloroquine


Agnès Buzyn, accused – wrongly – of having classified chloroquine in “poisonous substances” when she was Minister of Health, would she now treat certain “privileged people” with a treatment that she would have refused to the rest of the population?

Since mid-April, several articles with sensationalist titles affirm it on social networks: the former Minister of Health, who resumed service at Clamart hospital during the health crisis, would have treated a film producer, has Covid-19, using hydroxychloroquine. Didier Raoult himself refers to this episode in an interview with BFMTV: “ It even seems that Agnes Buzyn prescribed to a television producer, so it is still that I have an influence on the prescription, which is notable

These articles are based on the distortion of real testimony broadcast on i24News of a film producer, Raymond Blumenthal, hospitalized in Clamart after being hit by the Covid. But this producer was not treated by Agnès Buzyn, as he affirmed to rehab, he only crossed her: ” She passed from time to time in my room, she comforted me morally “, He confirmed to Désintox.

What is true is that this patient, now cured, was treated with hydroxychloroquine in the hospital, but by two doctors from the infectious diseases department, not by the former Minister of Health. Several French hospitals prescribe it, but it is not always known if this medicine has a real influence on cures.

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