A smartphone with a tracking application against the Covid-19 (illustration)
A smartphone with a tracking application against the Covid-19 (illustration) (MAXPPP)

The StopCovid government application has yet to pass several stages, at the same time technical, regulatory and also political. In the meantime, we already know certain things.

The app is expected to be tested starting the week of May 11 and then officially launch on June 2. Digital Secretary of State C├ędric O announced this Tuesday, May 5 on BFM Business. It will not be mandatory; however, for it to be useful, as many people as possible should use it. It will only work on recent smartphones, and again for the iPhone it may be complicated because it will probably be necessary to keep the application open at all times.

This is because the government has refused, for so-called “digital sovereignty” reasons, to use the system offered by Apple and Google. Instead, the French authorities would like to have direct access to the bluetooth functions of the iPhone. Unsurprisingly, on the apple brand side, we answer that there is no question of it.

In the meantime, other diverse and varied anti-Covid applications are flourishing.
These are private apps, created by different organizations that have taken the lead. Like, for example, the AnSamb application, developed on Reunion Island, which works more or less like StopCovid. There are also applications, and even connected objects such as electronic bracelets, which are offered by specialized companies to meet the needs of businesses, which are required to ensure the safety of their employees after 11 may. Curiously, there seems to be a lot of eagerness to use these applications, which contrasts with all the theoretical debates, moreover, on the issues of privacy.

Finally, beware of the applications currently available on the Apple and Google stores. This is the case, for example, of a Spanish application (Stop Covid 19) and a Georgian application (Stop Covid). It is advisable not to use these applications because they do not necessarily offer the mandatory guarantees in France with regard to data processing. Better to wait for the official French app which, by the way, may not be called StopCovid.


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