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The video call company became popular during the crisis. Now it responds to the criticism of its security standards and buys a company with crypto expertise.

The video conference service Zoom, which has become popular in the Corona crisis, wants to accelerate the introduction of complete encryption by buying a start-up after criticizing its security concept.


The company takes over Keybase, which is known for its cryptography know-how. In the near future, paying zoom customers will be given the opportunity to protect their video conferences with so-called end-to-end encryption, as CEO Eric Yuan announces.

With the procedure, only the call participants have access to the unencrypted data – but not the platform operator, which would be Zoom in this case. At the moment, the video conferences are also encrypted, but the keys to the data are also stored on the Zoom servers – for example, to enable dialing in by phone call. This makes the calls susceptible to eavesdropping.

Zoom end-to-end encryption of video conferences will come with restrictions. For example, one would not be able to take part in the specially protected conferences by telephone, for example.


Zoom was originally intended for use in companies. But since the Corona crisis, more and more private individuals have been using the service – for sports courses, church services or educational offers. Some security deficiencies emerged. Experts criticized that Zoom does not offer full encryption. The company is now trying to counteract this.

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