American scientists have developed a world map to list the geographic areas most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. “The virus hits two continents as a priority: Western Europe and North America. 85% of deaths are recorded in these areas”, says journalist Matthieu Boisseau on the set of 19/20.

Among the 15 countries most affected by the pandemic, 12 are in Europe, two in North America and one in South America. One of the reasons for this assessment is a later confinement in these zones. “The weekend of March 15, Paris was not yet confined. When Italy was the first country in Europe to contain its population on March 9, there were already 7,000 cases on its territory”, specifies the journalist. Africa is she little affected by the Covid-19. According to the hypotheses put forward by the scientists, this could be due to the heat and the youth of its population, while the virus hits the elderly more strongly.

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