At the start of the coronavirus epidemic, many Asian people had reported racist acts and insults against them. Using the pretext that the virus had appeared in Wuhan, China, Asian people were taken as a whole, while others, like Donald Trump, preferred to use the term ” chinese virus To talk about the coronavirus, as if it had a nationality.

In recent weeks, a new form of racism has emerged in China. This time, it targets nationals of African descent, who are accused of causing a second wave of the disease. Several international press articles report that in Guangzhou, in the south of the country, Africans are evicted from their homes, are tested for no apparent reason or are not allowed to enter certain stores.

Very sensitive to this discrimination, African internet users share a video showing a violent fight between Chinese and Africans. According to this surfer, the scene takes place ” in China, more precisely in Guangzhou, where Chinese people beat African blacks, accusing them of being responsible for an alleged return of the coronavirus

If violence against Africans is real in China, this video is not proof. Indeed, by zooming in on certain details of the video, such as a Payomatic logo in the background, Désintox was able to determine thanks to Google Street View that the scene took place 13,000 kilometers from Guangzhou, in front of a Chinese restaurant in the district of Bronx in New York. Which explains the white apron worn by one of the men.

The confusion around this video appears to be due to the fact that a copy was posted on March 25 on the Reddit content sharing site. However, he made it clear that the scene takes place in New York. Another version, found on Instagram, shows that it was taken before January 28, 2020, before the reported cases of racism against Africans in China.


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