The elimination of a candidate, acclaimed by viewers, during the episode of Friday has caused insults and death threats on social networks.

Adventure Line Productions (ALP), the company that produces Koh-Lanta, the adventure game broadcast on TF1, said Monday April 27 in a press release that it will seize the public prosecutor of Paris after the “words and threats” suffered by several candidates of the current season. Facts “liable to three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros”, recalls ALP.


Friday night, an episode Koh-Lanta, which this year has its best season since 2014 with nearly 6.5 million viewers on average since its launch on February 21, saw the elimination of Sam, a young candidate acclaimed by viewers.

In this game, alliances between competitors to eliminate others in order to hope to rise to the final are legion. It is precisely a coalition of four candidates, built to exclude Sam from the competition, which has caused insults and sometimes even death threats on social networks.

“An investigation should be opened to identify the perpetrators and initiate proceedings, continues the press release. Koh-Lanta is a family program and it is intolerable that its competitors have to deal with such a spill of hate. ALP will be vigilant to respect everyone and will take legal action whenever necessary. “


As of Saturday, the flagship presenter of Koh-Lanta, Denis Brogniart, had tweeted in an attempt to appease the spirits and provide support to the threatened candidates: “I join with the adventurers of Koh Lanta to condemn most strongly the unspeakable insults received anonymously by some of them on social networks. We can live this adventure in front of the screen with passion and respect.”

ALP published on Monday on its Twitter account a message from Sam, the rejected candidate, who is trying to calm the atmosphere: “I was told of all the violence and hatred that was poured out to my adventure comrades. You should know that when I did ‘Koh-Lanta’, I had accepted all the rules of the game and in particular a possible elimination during a council.

“I always wanted justice, and today justice is to accept the decision of my adventure comrades just as I did. They have a family, for some of the children. Let them to live their adventure in peace “, explained the candidate.