Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, many voices have been raised to denounce the low number of tests available to France. But this shortage does not affect everyone in France. Renaud Muselier, president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, welcomed April 9 on France info: “We have 2.5% of Marseillais who have been tested, making it the most tested population in the world”.

The elected LR takes up an assertion that we see a lot circulating on social networks, and which emanates from a press release from the Marseille Infection IHU dated April 3. The establishment announced to have carried out nearly 60,000 tests, including 20,987 on Marseille patients, making the population of Marseille the best screened in the world. It is true that Marseille is an exception in France. Because of the screening capabilities of the IHU, but above all because the establishment has chosen to test almost anyone, while in the other regions, only severe cases of Covid-19 were screened.

But that is not enough to make Marseille the most tested city on the planet. On April 9, when Renaud Muselier made his declaration, the Feroé Islands claimed to have tested 10% of the population, with 5299 tests carried out, for around 52,000 inhabitants. Second in this ranking, Iceland claimed on April 9, 30,947 tests for 364,000 inhabitants. Either 85 tests per 1000 inhabitants. Other small countries still have higher ratios than Marseille, such as Bahrain and Luxembourg. And by looking a little, we also see that in Veneto, one of the most affected regions of Italy, nearly 200,000 tests were carried out for around 5 million inhabitants.

In short, the population of Marseille is champion of France. No people.

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