According to Cédric Ô, the application respects “all the law of French regulations and values, not the state of emergency, but the normal state”.

“We will do everything” so that the Stopcovid application is ready on May 11, said Friday April 17 on Franceinfo, Cédric Ô, the Secretary of State for Digital. Earlier in the day, he explained to the National Economic Affairs Committee that he was not sure that the digital plotting application was ready for the start of deconfinement. This future application “will respect our freedoms”, repeats the representative of the government.

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“We will do everything to be ready, but we cannot guarantee that we will be ready for May 11, “explains Cédric Ô. “Developing such an application has technical implications which are very complicated. We have a team of several dozen people working on the subject among the best French people led by the Inria research institute.”, says the Secretary of State for Digital. “This is something we are developing with the Germans, with the Swiss, soon with the Italians and the English. And the best developers in the world are on the subject.”

Cédric Ô would like to reassure the data security of future users of this tool. “This app respects all of our laws and values ​​in terms of public freedoms and privacy, he argues. There is no data that is accessible, neither for the State, nor for anyone. The only benefit is that if you have encountered someone in the previous days who has since declared themselves positive, the application will notify you, which will prevent you yourself from infecting other people, especially if you are asymptomatic. This will allow you to go for a test so that you can be sure of your status and prevent you from being a vector for the spread of the disease. “

Asked about the rumors of a collaboration with Apple and Google or other American companies that could provide engineering, the government representative denies: “I do not confirm it. We are developing a sovereign solution with the Germans and the Swiss. We are in discussions with Apple and Google to make things easier, but the conditions under which this application will be deployed will only be in the hands of sovereign states and we will not yield anything on all conditions. “

“We are committed to ensuring that this application fully respects our freedoms. The code will also be public. Anyone can verify that this application does what it says”, insists Cédric Ô. He also points out that there is no requirement to install and use this tool. “It will be completely voluntary. You install the application if you want, you will be tested if you want”, insists the secretary of state. But we obviously count on the individual and collective responsibility of the French. ”

What does he say to parliamentarians who demand a vote on the implementation of this application, and not a simple parliamentary debate on April 28 and 29? “There is no need for any legislative change. The application as it is designed respects all the law of French regulations and values, not the state of emergency, but the ‘normal state. Somewhere there is no need to vote on a text “, says the Secretary of State for Digital.


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