artificial intelligence to predict what will happen from May 11


Artificial intelligence: an aid to deconfinement. (Drawing)
Artificial intelligence: an aid to deconfinement. (Illustration) (MAXPPP)

The initiative COVID-IA, which brings together doctors, computer scientists and mathematicians, is working – on a voluntary basis – on an artificial intelligence model intended to help politicians and business leaders manage “deconfinement” from May 11 .

franceinfo: how can artificial intelligence be used to prepare for deconfinement?

Patrick Joubert, co-founder of COVID-IA : The objective of this initiative, which I carry with Professor Mignon, is to make a cartography of the epidemic in France, showing how it has spread, and how it could continue to spread according to the different decisions that will be taken. This would appear in the form of a map of France, with color codes, allowing to zoom up to the scale of the town.

Would your model allow us to know what will happen when schools reopen from May 11?

Exactly. This is part of the scenarios that we are simulating and I hope to be able to give first tangible results within two weeks. Our model is based on the history of people’s travel patterns, at the group level, and on what is known about the factors that spread the virus.

We can simulate what happens if a municipality reopens nurseries, schools and high schools, as has been proposed by the government.

We can go further by imagining deconfinement scenarios by age group. Our model could help public authorities and companies to organize the return to work by zones.

Shouldn’t tests be imperative for your model to be valid?

Not necessarily. The tests are of great value and they enrich the models but one can proceed by surveys, for example, by testing a single member of a confined family, and on the assumption that all the members of this family have a good chance of have the same positivity to the virus.


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