The President of the Republic must once again address the French, Monday, April 13, to say until when the confinement will be extended. The coronavirus officially killed 13,832 people in France in a month and a half. Farmers are the least affected. Milk producers, who are forced to throw away thousands of liters of milk because of the containment, are particularly concerned. “It is absolutely unacceptable to throw milk away. (…) This is why I asked the EU for the possibility of market support and to be able to store milk ”, explains Didier Guillaume.

“I have a telephone meeting with the European Commissioner on Tuesday morning for the European Commission to take urgent measures to support the market. The Ministers of Economy and Finance have managed to mobilize 500 billion euros, it must be the same for agriculture ”, he adds. He sets himself the goal that there will be no farm bankruptcy after this crisis. He also said he was in favor of reopening the outdoor markets, while respecting the guidelines for social distancing.


Dupont-Aignan denounces “the reality of unfair competition” in Europe

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, who followed the minister’s speech, sees a paradox in his speech. “How can I ask people to buy French when I accepted the signing of Ceta, the free trade treaty with Canada (…)? There is a kind of contradiction between your positions and the reality of unfair competition that continues ”, he argues. “What I can tell you is that there will be no no food shortage in our country, that French agriculture is one of the most sustainable in the world ”, replies Didier Guillaume.

As for Emmanuel Macron’s speech scheduled for Monday, April 13 to respond to the health crisis encountered since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is waiting “Let’s move from words to deeds”. He asked that we relocate the production of drugs, that we inject public money “To take over companies that could produce the masks, tests and medicines that are missing in hospitals”.