“No to the slightest snack on freedom”, alerts Christiane Taubira


The former minister called on the independent actors responsible for monitoring the conditions of the digital tracing envisaged to monitor the chains of transmission of the coronavirus, to “make public” any malfunctions, “whatever thunder it may raise”.

“No to the slightest snack on freedom”, reacted on April 13 on France Inter Christiane Taubira, asked about the possibility of developing “tracking”, tracing via a smartphone application, as part of the fight against the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic.

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“Yes for the end, the reactivity must be the fastest, and the strongest, and the most effective possible, but not at the slightest nibbling of freedom”, warns the former minister.

Democracies cannot restore the freedoms they eat.Christiane Taubira, former Keeper of the Sealsat France Inter

If she had been consulted by the current government, the former Minister of Justice assured her that she would have advocated caution. “You always have to be extremely careful. I have heard all the technical and almost philosophical explanations for this. I have concerns about any tracing, whatever it is”, commented Christiane Taubira, for whom “in Europe, these concerns are perhaps even stronger than elsewhere, given the recent history of Europe on how to store information, identify individuals and take the risk that a bad use” in fact.

The former minister argued for “maximum guarantees”. “On the end, it is understandable that we can fear a boomerang effect [de l’épidémie] from the moment when we all resume our normal activities “, explained Christiane Taubira. “France has structures which can provide guarantees. Afterwards, the people themselves must be sufficiently independent, autonomous and courageous, that they realize that their subjection is vis-à-vis the citizens , and not vis-à-vis power “, she said.

To frame a possible development of this technology, “let the Council of State do its work, let all the independent administrations do their work, be it the CNIL [Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés], whether it’s the Defender of Rights “, she insisted. “Let each and everyone do their job, but do it with more vigilance even in these circumstances, do not hesitate to challenge, to make public, whatever thunder it may raise.”


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