The real hero of The Mandalorian is this baby Yoda
The real hero of The Mandalorian is this baby Yoda (Disney +)

Science fiction series have nothing more to envy to movies. The must is “The Mandalorian”, the new avatar of the franchise Star Wars on the new Disney + platform. Fish on legs, humanoid robots, ultra design vessels … the imagination is overflowing … And above all, you will fall in love with a Yoda baby all green in its cradle in levitation.

It’s Jon Favreau who writes this spin off that takes place after The Fall of the Empire and before the film The force awakens. 8 episodes of 30 minutes, 8 complete stories around a mercenary already mentioned in video games Star Wars, a bounty hunter inspired by the character Boba Fett which allows you to find some familiar places and bars. It’s as always gasping, and full of humor. An epic journey to discover surprising planets…


Patrick Stewart is back in Star Trek Picard
Patrick Stewart is back in Star Trek Picard (TRAE PATTON / CBS ALL ACCESS)

Faced with this cynical and individualistic world, there is the opposite: Star Trek, his predecessor and his humanist message, confident in the future. Star trek is back with a new 10-episode series available on amazon prime: Picard named after the captain with the bald head who, 17 years after the film Nemesis resumes service.

I had said for a long time that it was over for me “Star Trek”.

Patrick Stewart plays Commander Jean-Luc Picard


His actor Patrick Stewart, 80, is rather surprised. he thought that Star Trek, he had gone around. “But these brilliant writers came to me with these ideas that have something to do with what interests me today.”


We find the eternal enemies of humanity, the Romulans exiled after the destruction of their planet, the Borg in their square ship. This series is mainly the captain’s quest to find an android friend who sacrificed himself for him. And the reconstitution of a team of pirates who also crosses the universe.Trahisons, camaraderie, battles galore It’s more talkative and slow than Star Wars but the scenery is guaranteed.