To respond to the Covid-19 epidemic, the United Kingdom has called on 30,000 volunteer caregivers who will lend a hand to hospital staff.

The death toll from the coronavirus continues to climb in Britain. There are now nearly 9,000 dead. To cope with the pandemic, the British health service was forced to call for volunteers to help medical staff in hospitals across the country. Over 30,000 nurses and doctors were mobilized, as well as students at the end of the course.

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“To be honest, I volunteered because I thought I might be more in my role by being on the front line”, says Sam, 33, who usually works with cancer patients. Monday April 13, the young doctor will be assigned to a hospital whose name he cannot reveal because he is subject to a confidentiality agreement. “At the same time, when I was asked to go, people were not preparing for the worst. We did not think that after two weeks it would already be madness”, he explains.

Helping yourself out is the first motivation for Sam, who sees this health crisis as a unique moment in the life of a young doctor: “Being part of an epidemic response and an extraordinary mobilization, I think that it is an experience of which I will speak in 10 or 20 years as what I would have been part of it, for sure.”

Before leaving Monday morning, the young doctor will call his sister to reassure her. He will also do some sport: “I will probably cycle the same way as I do today, along the river, which fills me with serenity and beautiful images and there are always beautiful things to focus on.” Sam will then join his new hospital to join the battle against the coronavirus like thousands of doctors in Britain.