A record year and now the uncertainty of the future. In 2019 more than 1.7 million bicycles were sold, or + 7% compared to 2018, in particular thanks to the continuous increase in ebikes. The bicycle has very broad development scenarios – underlines the president of Confindustria ANCMA, Paolo Magri, commenting on the data processed by the sector association – especially if we compare the use of the vehicle in our country compared to that of more advanced nations in terms of cycling and consequently this becomes a huge opportunity for the companies we represent. The hope is that we continue with the policy of spreading the use of bikes, infrastructures and sustainable mobility policies to see smarter cities and above all, given the moment, safer in view of the many positive aspects that would fall on our health.


In particular, 2019 saw + 13% of ebike sales, from 173 to 195 thousand pieces sold. But unlike previous years, traditional bicycles, especially city and trekking, are growing again in all areas of Italy. Production is growing as well as export. The entire Italian market, for sale, is now worth around 1.35 billion euros. The only negative signs are found in the import of pedal-assisted bicycles and are the direct effect of the introduction of anti-dumping duties against unfair Asian competition which are bringing production back to Europe and in particular in Italy, given its manufacturing tradition in the sector. cycle.


Surveys and statistics show that bicycles and e-bikes in Italy are used not only for sporting or recreational purposes, but also for daily trips, recalls the Ancma press release: to go to work, to school, for errands or as a link with rail and public transport in general thanks to the numerous secure car parks set up in the stations. Lew ebikes allow longer distances and higher average speeds and open up new mobility options in cities and the country.

Ancma points out that the two wheels are useful even in this delicate period of medical emergency, Coronavirus cause: The bicycle allows you to maintain safety distances, activates the person’s metabolism and as such increases its immune defenses, very valuable to help stem the virus – declares the association of sector -. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it.


April 9, 2020 (change April 9, 2020 | 5:15 pm)


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