36 years after almost drowning, a Finistérienne found the person who saved her life on a beach in Plougastel. This is the story that France Bleu Breizh Izel reports.

In July 1984, Céline was four and a half years old. She was playing in the water with her cousins ​​when she slipped and couldn’t straighten up. It was someone she did not know who saved her. 36 years later, she wanted to find her. She had been thinking about it for a long time. Tuesday April 7, Céline decides to post a message on Facebook on the page of the inhabitants of Plougastel, “You come from Plougastel, if …”, says France Bleu Breizh Izel.


She then launched her wanted poster. “It is about a man who revived a little girl on the beach of Porz Al Lorc’h one day in July 1984“In her message, the young woman from Plougastel specifies:”He knew the first aid gestures, that’s all I have information“. And she adds:”Maybe he was just vacationing in the right place at the right time. “

Dozens of people contact her. Over the course of several cross-checks, she discovers that her savior is in fact a savior. She follows the trail of “Madame Kervella, known by the pseudonym of Mamie Jeanne. She spends all her summers at the top of the strike.” Céline finds her phone number and manages to reach her. “She made me spit water and gave me a heart massage. My aunt took me by car to doctor Henry’s medical office with Mamie Jeanne in the back of the car, continuing to massage me“, explains Céline.

36 years later, Céline is anxious that the confinement will end to find that “who made sure my brain always had oxygen“, testifies the forties.”Miraculously, I had no sequelae“Chance, Mamie Jeanne, her lucky star, always spends her summers at the top of this strike, two kilometers from Céline’s home.