Internet use breaks all records


The startup Immersion 4 uses the heat developed by data centers to recycle it into hot or cold energy or electricity.
The startup Immersion 4 uses the heat developed by data centers to recycle it into hot or cold energy or electricity. (IMMERSION 4)

In this period of confinement, Internet consumption is breaking all records, but are we risking overconsumption of energy?

In this unprecedented moment of health crisis, state of emergency and confinement, our whole life is spent in digital mode. With cinemas closed, video on demand exploded. The big winner, Netflix, has had subscriptions that have sometimes quadrupled, to the point that this film and series platform uses a quarter of the Internet.


Video games are also energy intensive, like Fortnite for example, who with his game to save the world, and that’s good, now has more than 300 million players.

Despite a considerable increase in Internet traffic, teleworkers and distance education are currently protected. But at the moment, those who are breaking records are porn sites, whose videos are on the rise. The leader, whose name I will not mention, garners more than 40 billion torrid visits per year.

Besides, that could give ideas, because according to psychologists, we have always observed that when people are afraid, sexuality is exacerbated, it “bring lovers together to feel alive “. So meet in front of the Christmas tree for a possible baby boom …


But all of this consumes a lot of energy. Large data centers, which store information, are energy chasms, mainly for their cooling. This is why many settle in cold countries like Scandinavia. But a young Frenchman, Serge Conesa, with his startup Immersion 4, found a way to save energy by immersing the servers in a liquid.

In 2025, the consumption of data centers will be around 20% of global electricity consumption, 10% of greenhouse gases, and a consumption of one trillion, i.e. 1000 billion billion liters of water ! Immersion 4, by immersing the servers in a liquid, frees itself from the pollution of data centers. We use the heat developed by these data centers so that it can be retransformed, either into hot or cold, or into electricity.

Since we are talking about electricity, we are not going to sulk good news, EDF proposes to wait better times to collect the bills, at least for small businesses in difficulty.

For the very small companies that request it, and because they have particular difficulties, we will send them invoices, but we will not make them pay, we will wait for the end of this crisis, to actually postpone the invoices, over a period that we will determine in agreement with them.


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