Mole Urbana, the electric quadricycle with the standard green scooter


It is electric. And a light quadricycle. That is: it can be driven up to 14 years. It is tailor-made for the city, therefore. And Italian, from the first to the last piece. Not for sale, but you can (can) rent it. Name: Mole Urbana.


Designed by designer Umberto Palermo, will go into production, he explains, “when the Covid19 emergency is over”. Objectives: 50 pieces on the road by the year, another 150 in 2021, to reach 20 0 in 2022 and 300 in 2023. “The growth estimate of the quadricycle market of 30% for 2030 – explains Palermo -. With Mole Urbana we aim to reach 2% in three years and 6 in six years. The quadricycle market has grown considerably in recent years to reach the peak of 9,000 non-electric vehicles in Europe four years ago. Then there was a collapse in sales, but electrification can revive the sector.


“In the first half of 2019, in Europe, the sector grew by 70% compared to the same period of the previous year – explains Palermo -: 35,810 sales compared to 21,062 in 2018. These are mainly scooters and mopeds (28,577), while 5,812 are motorcycles and 1,500 quadricycles. For now, the quadricycle is a niche product, but the estimate of growth of 30% per year. Among the large groups that have bet on this category there is Citroen which recently launched the Ami electric quadricycle, presented at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Jaguar Land Rover also recently presented the new concept vehicle Project Vector, an electric vehicle for the urban mobility. We want to take advantage of this growth by positioning itself as a cool brand, so as to create a market niche that can, over time, grow, becoming a reference for style and flexibility “.

The “baby city car”, as its designer defines it, will be produced and electrified in Tuscany, by Pretto di Pontedera, who already works for Piaggio, for the Chinese Dongfeng and for the Japanese Isuzu. But Palermo also involved two Turin companies: Ett1 for aluminum and Movim for distribution and rental. “We will show the prototypes at the Milano-Monza Open Air Motor Show, which at the moment confirmed”, crosses Palermo’s fingers.


La Mole Urbana 100% electric. The bodywork recalls the cars of the early twentieth century, with some futuristic touches. It is built with aluminum profiles and is inspired by the window frames of skyscrapers. It is a tailor-made modular quadricycle. As for clothing, it will be offered in different sizes: Small, Medium, Large. It can have one to three seats. And one of the versions was designed for minors. The Small 3.2 meters long, 1.49 wide and 1.4 high. The Medium 3.4 meters long, 1.49 wide and 1.4 high. The Large 3.7 meters long, 1.49 wide and 1.20 high. Autonomy ranges from 75 km to 150 depending on the batteries. The speed of 50 km per hour.

Among the standard “accessories” of the Mole Urban, an electric scooter per occupant. It is recharged by the dynamo connected to the quadricycle wheels. You park the quadricycle and continue with the scooter: the future of micro mobility. The interiors are modular. The steering wheel is an airplane cloche, the seats are high, the dashboard is made of pressed cardboard pockets that act as a storage. As for safety, for the fourteen-year-olds there will be a “virtuous” App: it monitors driving and allows you to modulate the rental rate according to the correctness of the driver.

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