Virus emergency, the online second-hand market collapses in a few hours: -55%


Another sign of the crisis: online sales of used cars halved in the week from March 16 to 22 compared to a few weeks before the Covid-19 emergency broke out. This confirms that “the purchasing interest of Italians has shifted to basic necessities at the expense of many other sectors, including the automotive sector, which is particularly affected by current containment measures”.


Data and comment are from the brumbrum website. The Observatory of surveys and statistical surveys of the company took into consideration the number of cars offered for sale and purchased online throughout Italy in the period preceding the diffusion of COVID-19 and in the following weeks.


Until early March, the market has withstood the crash of the health emergency with sales data in line with the period. The Conte decree of 11 March, which prohibited any movement and closed almost all industries and companies, caused the market to collapse. In the week from 9 to 15 March the drop was 28% compared to January, from 16 to 22 March even 55.

“The almost total paralysis of used items on the net – continues brumbrum – suffers from car supply problems. The week of March 16-22 saw the stock of cars available online halved compared to the January average, while the previous seven days drop by 27% “. “It is difficult to imagine the impact that this historical moment will have in the long term on our lives and on the global market. – comments Francesco Banfi, CEO of the company -. We all have to deal with the fact that now our health must be put first and that all appropriate measures must be taken to ensure that this emergency ends as soon as possible. When that happens, I am convinced that we will see encouraging signs in the world of industry and the auto sector will return to past levels. “


March 27, 2020 (change March 27, 2020 | 11:46)


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