DR Automobiles, an Italian automotive company based in Isernia, in Molise (DR are the initials of the surname of the founder, Massimo Di Risio) following the ingenious line drawn by the engineer Cristian Fracassi of Isinnova, has started the processing of a health facility for sub-intensive therapy, created on the basis of a snorkeling mask distributed by Decathlon, suitably modified. The mask equipped with a connection valve, called Charlotte, made with 3D printers with polylactic acid refining, usually used by DR for rapid prototyping in the Research & Development Center.


The company currently able to assemble the entire ventilation unit assisted in thirty units per day. The company, after purchasing a large number of masks directly from Decathlon Italy, will make this particular type of respirator available to all healthcare facilities that request it, absolutely free of charge. After the Molise hospitals of Isernia, Campobasso and Termoli, the DR will supply the health of Campania, in particular the A.S.L. Naples 1 from which a conspicuous request arrived, above all to meet the needs of the Covid19 Hospital – Loreto Mare .. “In this moment of difficulty it is right to share your skills and experiences, offering a concrete contribution – said the CEO Antonella Tortola. simply what we did. Based on the ingenious idea of ​​Eng. Fracassi, we have made our professionalism and facilities available ”.


March 27, 2020 (change March 27, 2020 | 4:20 pm)


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