Search for a Wi-Fi network on a computer.
Search for a Wi-Fi network on a computer. (JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOURDILLAT / RADIO FRANCE)

If you have trouble connecting to the internet, during this time of containment, there may be several reasons.

First, the internet connection itself. About ten million French people have optical fiber, which offers the best possible speed, and 19 million have an ADSL connection, of varying quality depending on the place of residence (in particular, the distance from the point of connection). Inevitably, if everyone starts using a medium quality connection simultaneously, it can get stuck. It is therefore advisable to “distribute the load” according to the hours, for example.

There may also be slowdowns in the Internet itself and in the network of your operator. Against this, however, operators have taken steps to maximize the throughput of their networks. It is also to avoid congestion, to lighten the network overall, that Netflix, YouTube or Facebook have reduced the quality of their videos.

The wireless connection in the home can also sometimes be of poor quality. In order to optimize the Wireless at home, you should place your internet box (or Wi-Fi router) in an open area (not at the bottom of a closet) and, as much as possible, in the middle of the home so that the whole home is covered by Wi-Fi waves. To improve Wi-Fi coverage, it is also possible to use a Wi-Fi repeater (device that extends the connection) or even to deactivate Wi-Fi from its operator box, often of high quality poor, in favor of a better external router.

In apartments, there can also be interference due to the heavy use of wireless connections by its neighbors. Against this, it is possible to make some adjustments at the router level (channel change, separation of the 5Ghz / 2.4 Ghz networks, etc.). Advice is available on the ARCEP website. Finally, the solution may also be to temporarily forget the Wi-Fi to connect your computer “the old way” using an Ethernet cable, in order to be assured of the best possible speed.

If the Wi-Fi connection is bad, the temptation may be great to fall back on your 3G or 4G connection, via your mobile subscription, if it is better. However, there are two things you need to know: first, be careful with your plan because the megabytes run very fast; then, it is not recommended because if everyone connects to 3G / 4G, it is the mobile network, more fragile, which risks being saturated. In reality, it is rather the reverse that is recommended, that is to say, connect your smartphone via Wi-Fi to your box to lighten cellular networks.

However, in case of absolute necessity, it is possible to use its mobile connection moderately. Several ways to do this: either by doing what you have to do directly on your smartphone, or by activating connection sharing on your iPhone or Android to connect a computer (the smartphone becomes a Wi-Fi router), either, with a router or a 4G / Wi-Fi box (which connects to the internet in 4G and distributes the connection in the house via Wi-Fi), provided you have such equipment.