Every day, franceinfo opens its antenna to you so that you can testify of your daily life during this period of confinement. Among these listeners, Marie, who spoke of her problems with the telephone operator Orange.

It all started with a phone call a little before 9:30 a.m., Tuesday March 24 in the morning, on the line open to Franceinfo listeners. “Marie, who calls us from Paris… Hello Marie”, announces presenter Marc Fauvelle on the air.


Marie is an 81-year-old retiree, she addresses the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, guest of the morning: “I want to tell you about a big group, the Orange group”, begins Marie, in an angry tone. “When Orange did not receive the payment – which I had sent though – the company did not hesitate to harass and even cut the phone. I should have my phone cut today“, in full containment, explains the retired and while the distribution of mail by Post is reduced in this period of coronavirus.

If Orange threatens to suspend Marie’s landline, it’s for a backlog of 67.55 euros. The check, which corresponds to the payment for the months of January and February, did not reach the operator. Bruno Le Maire is worried about the situation. “Marie, you are 81 years old. I imagine that you are alone, confined. If, in addition, you are cut off from the landline or the cellphone, it becomes unbearable and it must not happen”, replies the Minister of the Economy. In the process, he ensures: “As soon as I hang up, I will call Orange’s president, Stéphane Richard, to tell him ‘watch out for landlines'”.

After this intervention on the air, everything goes very quickly: less than three quarters of an hour later, an Orange employee contacts Marie and promises her that her problem is solved. His line will not be cut. “It is a relief. There are many people who do not have a mobile, especially in the countryside. However, children are often far away. The elderly often only have a fixed telephone, they are unarmed with digital tools “, explains the retired.


I have a brother who is also elderly, he is also confined to his home and he has no cell phone. This landline phone is very important.Marie, an Orange customer threatened with having her line cuton franceinfo

The Orange group, which did not wish to comment on this episode, indicates for its part that it has modified the recovery procedures. The operator promises that during the entire containment period, no telephone lines will be suspended.



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