In France, the markets are part of the local roots. “According to the latest study on this subject, there are 10,683 food markets in France and they cover all of our territory. Note that around 6,490 municipalities have a food market, or roughly one municipality in 5. Paris has more than 80, Lyon (Rhône-Alpes) 40 and Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône) and Bordeaux (Gironde), almost thirty “, explains Dorothée Lachaud on the 13 Hours set.

Among the products that you find the most on the stalls, fruits and vegetables come first and account for a third of sales. “They are followed by meat, rotisserie, butchery, with 18% of sales and by dairy products, 13% of sales”, continues the journalist. The closure therefore risks having a very significant impact. “The president of the Federation of the markets of France said it in the morning: ‘It is a blow of club.’ A total of 22,628 companies and 27,000 employees sell food products on the markets “, emphasizes Dorothée Lachaud.


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