Covid-19, the auto industry mobilizes FCA offers ambulances, Ferrari technicians


The auto world is also mobilizing to support the country in the fight against Covid-19. FCA Bank and its subsidiary Leasys have made available to the Italian Red Cross a fleet of 300 Fiat Jeep cars and five bio-containment ambulances based on Fiat Ducato.


The partnership with CRI

From the beginning of the emergency


, the 700 territorial committees of the Italian Red Cross have guaranteed relief, logistical, health, psychological support and the safe transport of cases requiring hospitalization or home care. The CRI has transformed this serious moment in time of kindness, intensifying support services for the most vulnerable, such as home deliveries of food, medicines and basic necessities, in addition to social transport. Thanks to the generous donation from FCA Bank and its subsidiary Leasys – said the President of CRI, Francesco Rocca – we will be able to enhance the services and be even closer to all those people who currently need more support. FCA Bank and Leasys, for their part, said in a statement proud to be able to actively contribute to the initiatives of the Italian Red Cross.

The Maranello initiative

In the meantime, Ferrari is checking the possibility of producing components for lung ventilators and respirators in Maranello. The study, according to what reported by Reuters, there would be the possible collaboration with Magneti Marelli and Siare Engineering, a company specializing in medical equipment to which the Italian government would have asked for a substantial increase in the production of lung fans and respirators to deal with the emergency coronavirus. According to rumors, Ferrari could provide technicians and skills to increase the production of fan parts. In particular, the Formula 1 team in fact has engineering skills that could accelerate the production of the units.

The possible conversions

Appeals to the automotive industry have also been launched in the United States and the United Kingdom. In America, both Ford and General Motors said they were available. A spokesman for GM’s managing director, Mary Barra, has made it known that the company is in close contact with the White House and is working to identify all possible solutions for the conversion of spaces to produce medical equipment and thus support the nation in this difficult moment. In Britain, Premier Boris Johnson has invited some manufacturers, such as Ford, Honda, Jaguar and Toyota, to evaluate the feasibility of producing medical kits. The seven UK-based Formula 1 teams (McLaren, Mercedes, Racing Point, Red Bull, Haas, Renault and Williams) are already studying a plan together with the government to temporarily convert their factories to producing pulmonary ventilators.

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