The Accès Mosaïque association offers four workshops every day to occupy the inhabitants of the city of Chênes in Hombourg-Haut.

Days pass and ideas are lacking so as not to get bored during confinement to fight against the coronavirus. A real problem when you live in an apartment of a few tens of square meters, as in the city of Oaks in Hombourg-Haut, in Moselle, a few kilometers from the German border. In this working-class district where community life is usually essential, it was brutally interrupted by the epidemic. The Accès Mosaique social center has not really closed, it is still there but on Facebook.


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Every morning since Thursday, the association awakens the city of Oaks with an hour of sport. Before starting the exercises, the facilitator presents the necessary equipment: “You need two bottles of water, a small cushion and a towel”. This meeting has become a daily ritual for Morgane. “We put the page on TV and my daughters are ready to play. They put on sportswear with the water bottle and follow the exercises”, explains the mother who goes to the Mosaic Access Facebook every morning.


In total, the association offers four meetings during the day. Debates, sports or even parent-child workshops, and always with the means at hand. “Hello everyone, the weather is good, that’s why I set up a special device on my balcony”explains Sofiane in a video. This leader, and main founder of the project, wants to connect as many people as possible: “We saw that many of our colleagues from other social centers had decided to be partially or technically unemployed. We said to ourselves: what could we do to keep in touch with our inhabitants who are not lucky enough to have gardens? “

The idea is to be able to keep people occupied with the various programs that we have put in place with the animation team, the management and the city of Hombourg-HautSofiane, leader of the Accès Mosaïque associationat franceinfo

These lives on social networks work: 400 simultaneous connections on average by video and even with the youngest. “There are a lot of young people and families watching and being directed to these Facebook pages, assures Moncef, specialized educator. And our teams have very favorable feedback. ” Social networks are usually the subject of conflict between parents and children, but “There, it is a proof that on these networks, there are not only bad things”, explains the educator.


The only limit is those who do not have internet access. “It’s true that it’s a big question at the moment, recognizes Sofiane. We are thinking and working to find solutions. Because actually staying on days like this for these people is just horrible and inconceivable “.

And the initiative is attracting more and more people, Hélène Zannier, MP for the 7th district of Moselle, intends to lend herself to the game and will participate in one of the shows on Monday 23 March. But before, Saturday, a special show with mascot show and a concert by Marina D’Amico (an ex-candidate of the show The Voice) are planned.



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