In Germany, “the number of cases continues to increase here quickly but the level of confinement is still a notch below France. There is not really any coercive measure yet” explains franceinfo special envoy Laurent Desbonnets. “But, there is a rather mysterious paradox here, Germany has more recorded cases of coronavirus than France but a number of deaths ten times lower”, added the journalist.

But, there may be an explanation for this, as Laurent Desbonnets specifies: “It’s true, Germany is better equipped with 25,000 beds in intensive care, that’s more than in France. There are no saturated hospitals but according to experts the decisive factor is the tests performed much more massively than in France. Seven times more, this makes it possible to detect cases very early and to limit certain complications “. He is pointing out that “According to experts, this would also give much more reliable figures. The hypothesis being that in France there would be an enormous number of cases that go undetected.”


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