First with caution, then more decisively, now we move on to the charging step. Renault’s electrical strategy. Over the years, the French have increased the portfolio of zero-emission cars and now offer Twingo Z.E., the plugs in Mgane Sporter and the Capture and the full hybrid Clio in one fell swoop. Without considering the Morphoz concept (pictured) which, using the new platform for electric cars developed by the Alliance Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, offers interesting solutions for very fascinating BEV (battery electric vehicle) cars: you can increase the battery autonomy adding elements that find space on board after having lengthened the car with an ingenious system.

Much more concretely, Morphoz begins to explore what will be the characteristics of the electric Renault in the coming years. Returning to the proposals that will be in the dealership between now and the end of the year, Twingo Z.E. a town that settles down in the Renault list below the Zoe. Compared to its Smart ForFour sister, the Twingo has a slightly larger battery and therefore more autonomy. The Clio full hybrid (does not recharge with the plug) a B segment that is good in the city, but, thanks to the hybrid system (of the Toyota type, so to speak) it can also be used for long journeys without problems. The plug in hybrid versions of Capture (the only Bsuv that adopts this solution and which can already be ordered) and Mgane Sporter (at the beginning of 2021 it is likely that the plug in hybrid sedan will arrive) are more advanced (and also expensive) with autonomies 50 km electric ride and, at the same time, no penalty for habitability and space for luggage.

Of these models, as we write, the price has not yet been set. Finally, light restyling and more accessories for the Talisman flagship: elegant, comfortable, perhaps a little too understatement.

March 6, 2020 (change March 6, 2020 | 14:59)



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