BMW’s strategy is paying off. Oliver Zipse, CEO of the BMW Group, has announced, not without pride, that the Bavarian company will focus its target on the containment of greenhouse gases both in 2020 and in 2021. And, to achieve this result by many manufacturers, coveted, but which is unlikely will hit, the Bavarians are investing a lot of money: 200 million euros just to restructure and adapt the Munich plant to the production of electric cars.


In addition, they have just unveiled the i4 Concept which will become series cars in 2021. It is a fully electric sedan (premium category) with a very conventional, but also fascinating line. 80 kW / h battery (weighs 550 kilos), 600 km WLTP range and true sports performance (530 hp power). Concentrated of state-of-the-art technologies, the i4 also has a soundtrack that follows it while traveling so as to be recognizable even to the hearing of those outside.


The “music” of the i4 is signed by Hans Zimmer who, in addition to composing many soundtracks of Hollywood films and winning Grammy and Oscar, is also the head of the Dreamworks music department. And this musical carpet changes according to the set up in which the car is driven: from soft in standard mode (here called “core”) to more aggressive when in “sport”. But this coupe-looking sedan isn’t the only novelty. Much more prosaically, BMW continues on the road to electrifying its range.

In spring the X1 Hybrid plug in arrives (from 49,100 euros) which anticipates the electrification (always with the plug) of the X2 and the rechargeable hybrid solution on tap is the one that will be adopted for petrol models. On the diesel side, however, the commitment of the Bavarians is to make the entire range mild hybrid. Among those that are already on the list (Series 5) and those close to release, there are 14 electrified models. Soon it will be the turn of the M340d Touring Mild Hybrid: a performance six-cylinder turbodiesel that meets the new needs of mobility. The price of this station wagon should be between 70 and 80,000 euros.


March 5, 2020 (change March 6, 2020 | 1:11 pm)


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