confined residents make police dance in Paris


They seemingly could not resist the music played by residents confined to the Covid-19 epidemic. Two police officers assigned to traffic controls in the 18th arrondissement of Paris took a short break on Thursday March 19, one of them revealing his dancing skills under the amused eyes of the confined residents.

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In a video of the scene widely shared on Twitter and Facebook, we see one of the two agents indulging in a millimeter choreography, taking hip-hop steps to finish with a twerk which caused laughter and applause in the inhabitants gathered at their windows.

Since Tuesday, March 17, the police have been carrying out traffic checks across France night and day in order to ensure compliance with the containment instructions issued by the government in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. Despite the establishment of a fine system in the event of breach of confinement, certain police unions denounce the behavior “irresponsible“of certain individuals, and call for “move up a gear”. But, we hope, by continuing to take a few dancing breaks.



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