Do you still have to go to work, go to your business or to your work site in the midst of a pandemic Covid-19 ? In the Paris region, workers have agreed to complete urgent work on the evacuation of wastewater. “The risk exists, it is there. Then, if we have no choice, we have no choice“explains a worker.”I do it because we need it, my boss needs me, I said, ‘yes, I’m coming’“, adds another.

But as soon as the site is finished, there is no question of taking risks for their boss, who has already sent 95% of his workers home and suspended his other sites. “I am not at all serene, I have a criminal responsibility of the manager to secure my employees. So in this context, everyone left“, specifies Francis Dubrac, entrepreneur Dubrac TP. However, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire urges the companies which can it to continue their activity”to ensure the economic security of the country “. But more and more, employees ask for a right of withdrawal, as at Amazon. Contacted, the government explains that the right of withdrawal will apply on a case-by-case basis in each company.