The future of Opel: the Corsa-e Grandland X Hybrid challenge


It was 1936 when the symbol we all know appeared on Opel cars (the first debuted in 1902): lightning. Lightning in a circle that now more than ever becomes current as the house of German origins continues rapidly towards the electrification of all models by 2024.


The start of 2020 saw the debut of the Corsa-e, the 136 bhp full electric version of the sixth generation of the successful bigger and more comfortable small car. At the same time, the Grandland X Hybrid (pictured) with front-wheel drive or AWD arrived on the market with a system power that starts from 225 hp for the two-wheel drive version up to 300 for the 4×4 thanks to the 1,600 turbo petrol engine flanked by two electric thrusters. With electric propulsion alone, the SUV can travel from 42 to 59 km depending on the version, while the battery pack recharging times are approximately one hour and 50 minutes with a 7.4 kW wallbox.


Opel did not abandon the endothermic engine market gasoline and diesel dedicated to people who grind many km a day. All cars have undergone interventions to improve efficiency and thus reduce fuel consumption and emissions. For example, the work on engines, gearboxes, aerodynamics with a Cx value dropped to 0.26, has made it possible to improve the performance of the Astra Berlina and Sports Tourer by 21% together with those of the Insignia which will receive a restyling.

In 2020 we will therefore see 4 electric or electrified models such as the Corsa-e battutur, the Grandland X Hybrid Plug In already anticipated together with the new Vivaro electric and a completely new medium SUV model that will replace the current Mokka X. 4 other models will arrive in 2021, three fully electric and that is the Combo Cargo in van version, the seven-seater Combo Life, the Zafira Life and the new generation of electrified plug-in Astra. For Opel, the future will be greener with the expansion of full electric models and the development of plug-in hybrid versions.


March 17, 2020 (change March 18, 2020 | 5:09 pm)


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