In Germany, Angela Merkel addressed the nation on Wednesday, March 18. Never since coming to power fifteen years ago, has she expressed herself this way. A speech with serious accents due to the inevitable progression of the Covid-19. “It is serious“said the Chancellor on Wednesday evening.

In Belgium, stricter confinement has been decreed. since Wednesday noon, travel is limited and meetings are prohibited. The streets of Brussels are deserted. “It’s a good measure, it’s important “, says a Belgian. Belgium has nearly 1,500 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 14 deaths.


In Russia, the epidemic is growing: 30% in 24 hours. Residents of Moscow wear a mask. Borders are closed to foreigners. Schools close on Monday. Vladimir Putin was reassuring on Tuesday.

Parliamentary work continues in the UK. The opposition attacked measures taken by the government against the coronavirus, late according to Labor.



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