Presidents Show How To Wash Your Hands Well To Fight The Epidemic


To explain, nothing beats a good example. As the Covid-19 epidemic begins to affect the African continent, many Heads of State lent themselves to game of #SafeHandsChallenge: an online challenge whose purpose is to show how to wash your hands properly. Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, was one of the first to participate in this challenge by posting an explanatory video on March 15. On Twitter, he then challenged Macky Sall, his Senegalese counterpart. Several other African dignitaries played the game, quickly followed by soccer players and citizens.

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The World Health Organization, at the origin of the challenge, welcomes the participation of these heads of state. Its managing director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, invited Thursday, March 18, the African continent to “to wake up” facing the coronavirus epidemic. In other countries, we have seen how the virus accelerates after a certain threshold. So the best advice for Africa is to prepare for the worst and prepare for it today “, he said during a press conference in videoconference. The Covid-19 epidemic has already affected more than 630 people on this continent, causing 17 deaths, according to a report released by the WHO on Thursday.


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